Padilam Bennababu is awarded Honorary Doctorate Award

Ande Satya Narayana Khadhar
Ande Satya Narayana Khadhar is awarded Honorary Doctorate Award
March 15, 2023
Neelathi Prasad Andhra Pradesh
Neelathi Prasad is awarded Honorary Doctorate Award
March 15, 2023

Padilam Bennababu is awarded Honorary Doctorate Award

Dr. Padilam Bennababu Andhra Pradesh
Honorary Doctorate Award (Honoris Causa) is presented to Padilam Bennababu from Andhra Pradesh state of India for his contribution in the field of Social Services and Healthcare Services . We are conveying our best wishes for his success or achievements. It has been recorded in the Magic Book of Record.


DR. PADILAM BENNABABU was born in 1972 Andhra Pradesh .From his early days he is always keen to help people.Great strides have been made in highlighting the strengths of the social work profession as a workforce vital to improving the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Nevertheless, substantially more work is needed to advance education, practice, and research involving social workers’ potential and their contributions to improved care throughout the life course. This special issue offers exemplars of the power of social work in integrated settings with the capacity to address the scope of behavioral health, psychosocial, and physical health care needs. In today’s rapidly evolving heath care context, integrated care represents a promising direction for the future of health services, and may be leveraged to improve population health across the life course.

He is doing donation and organising medical camp regularly ,and helping needy people around his state and doing many noble cause to the society . for his dedication toward the society . we ( Magic Book of Record ) is awarded him with honorary doctorate award .
For his good profile and excellence works on his respective field, he is appreciated and awarded from many organizations. He has been sincere, dedicated and hardworking & up to mark in his field. We wish him success in all his future endeavors.
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