Once your record is approved/ confirmed then you will be entitled as Magic Book of Record Achiever.
We will honour the record achiever / record maker by following awards.




List of documents required to process your record

Once you have registered and set the record You need to send us the following documents so that we can process your claim:
1. Full name of the person, attempting the record should be given, along with the date and place of the record to be attempted.
2. In case of a group attempt name, email ids and contact details of all participants must be given on separate sheet of papers along with the participant’s signature and independent witnesses’ signature. If anyone does not follow the rules set for a particular category or drop out before the attempt, their entry will be cancelled and signed by the witnesses.
3. You will be video of record attempt in pendrive/ online drive / cd/ dvd must be submitted. In case of an attempt for more than 2 hours the main highlights of the event must be recorded like the start of the attempt, finish of the attempt and before each break. In video, verdict of the jury should be shown very clearly without any cut in the movie.
4. Photographs of the record attempted will be submitted in digital format in a good resolution.
5. A logbook needs to be maintained for Marathon category or nonstop record attempt. Logbook will be duly verified by jury. That logbook will be submitted to us.
6. Submission of Minimum 2 original newspapers coverage is required.
7. Only original copies of newspaper clipping, video, photographs, log book, and official certificates will be accepted. News channel Coverage should be submitted too, if available..
8. Applications should be sent online on