How to Prevent Magic Burnout

Magician and Illusionist
May 31, 2017
C P Yadav With International Magician Franz Harary
October 24, 2020

Magic is in his blood, Magic is his passion, he wakes for Magic, he lives with Magic, he sleeps dreaming the Magic
Magic, like any other passion, can lend itself to burnout when enthusiastic new fans dive in headfirst, immerse themselves in it too much too fast, and then get worn out. Magic Book of Record suggests most new magic hobbyists — about seventy percent — will quit within six months, although most of the rest will stick around long term. Avoid getting so caught up in how good the top performers are that you feel like your own skills are too meager to bother developing. Practice the same tricks until you master them, but to different audiences, and avoid binge-practicing.

Key Takeaways:
1. Most people who begin learning magic, burn out in a short time and give up being a magician.
2. Break down your goals. Learn and perfect just one trick at a time before moving onto master another trick.
3. Vary your practice times into small increments instead of large blocks of time. And vary your audience so you aren’t practicing in from of the same people all the time.

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