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How to Prevent Magic Burnout
May 31, 2017
How to Prevent Magic Burnout
May 31, 2017
Magic can unexpectedly change our lives, what and who made you interested in knowing magic? Welcome to the world of magic and illusions, the place of wonder and mystery.

Magic is referred to as stage magic, street magic, or illusion. It is an art performance in which the staged illusions and tricks entertains the audiences, in a way that it seems impossible through natural methods. More so, paranormal magic is different from this kind of magic. Paranormal magic is one of the oldest performing arts in the world, which involves supernatural effects.
There are effects used by magicians, the categories of effects are…
Production: It is an effect that makes nothing into something. Vanish: It is an effect that makes an object or person disappear.
Transformation: It is an effect that makes an object from one state to another.
Restoration: It is an effect that destroys or shatters an object.
Transposition: It is an effect that uses more than one object in a play.
Transportation: It is an effect that makes an object move from one place to another.
Escape: It is an effect where a magician is restrained or trapped and escapes for its safety.
Levitation: It is an effect where the magician goes against gravity by floating in the air or with an object.
Penetration: It is an effect in which the magician enables a solid object pass through another solid object.
Prediction: It is when the magician can predict the outcome of an event.
Moreover, the effects are not the only thing a beginner should learn. Magic performances have also categories that focus its genre or specialty. The types of magic are…
Stage Illusions: Performed with large audiences using a large-scale equipment and assistants.
Parlor Magic: Performed with large audiences, in which the magician performs on the same platform level with the audiences.
Micromagic or close-up magic: The audience is close to the performer, it uses items that are used daily.
Escapology: The magician has to escape from restraints and confinements.
Pickpocket: The magician performs personal effects to the audience that results to a misdirection of their ties, wallets, watches and other belongings.
Mentalism: It impresses the audience through mind tricks, the magician can perform mind reading, mind controlling, and predicting.
Online magic tricks: It is solely made for computers, the magician is being replaced by the computer, through which it can recreate or perform traditional card tricks.
Street magic: A street performance that uses a stage magic or close-up magic to gain a wild reaction from the audience.
Shock magic: It shocks the audience through unusual performances, including sawing a person into half or eating a blade.
Camera magic: It is for the broadcasting audience, it employs camera tricks and angles.
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