Mr. Tejavath Mohanbabu is awarded as “OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY” by Magic Book of Record.

DR. S. SARAVANA KUMAR - Magic Book of Record
Best Achiever’s Award for “OUTSTANDING PROFESSOR” is presented to DR. S. SARAVANA KUMAR in recognition of extraordinary performance by Magic Book of Record.
April 13, 2021
RAI GHATAK - Magic Book of Record
Miss Rai Ghatak is awarded as “BEST MELODY VOICE” by Magic Book of Record.
April 13, 2021

Mr. Tejavath Mohanbabu is awarded as “OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY” by Magic Book of Record.

Tejavath Mohanbabu- Magic Book of Record
We are delighted to Honor Mr. Tejavath Mohanbabu who is a good social worker as well as a volunteer in social field. Mr. Tejavath Mohanbabu is working as social studies teacher in zpss morampalli banjar burgampahad mandal bhadradri kothagudem district telangana district. He achieved so many appreciations from peoples for his excellent work on society. His extra ordinary achievements in social work by helping rural poor families. He has been a role model for many youngsters to make their dreams come true as he himself believes in leaving no stone unturned to the best of our capabilities is the only Key to Success.
We conferred Mr. Tejavath Mohanbabu with the title “OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY” by the prestigious Magic Book of Record on March 24, 2021.


Mr. Tejavath Mohanbabu is working as school assistant social studies zpss morampalli bangar burgampahad mandal Bhadradri kothagudem district Telangana state.
He has received corona warrior award during Covid19 pandemic periods and also achieved so many awards for his social activity. He has 19 years of experience in social worker field.


1. Up-gradation of ups nakiripeta school to zpss nakiripeta school
2. Reducing of dropouts and enrollment of social standards in society
3. By approaching honorable collector Sir Shri Arvind Kumar Garu and supplying power to villages
4. Construction of 6 additional classrooms in zpss nakiripeta school
5. Opening of 6 to 8 classes in schools
6. As FAC headmaster full additional charge I approached 11 schools under inspection .and building of alternative schools
7. Planting plant saplings in school complex
8. After completion of 8and half years I got transfer to zpss nagineniprolu burgampad Mandal badradri kothagudem district
9. By approaching ITC WASH INSTITUTE I supplied note books text books for children
10. By approaching ITC WASH INSTITUTE I participated in construction of dining hall
11. He motivated students in innovative teaching learning methods to improve their standards and understanding them easily
12. Conducted MOCK PARLIAMENT in school.
13. Planted so many plants in school.
14. After working for 9 years I have transferred to ZPSS mormpalli banjar burgampad Mandal badradri kothagudem district Telangana state
15. He has done child cabinet in schools
16. Planted kitchen garden in school and it is useful to MID DAY MEAL scheme
17. By the contribution of village employees we have constructed dining hall
18. By the help of ITC WASH we have built wash station in school.
20. Planted 1000 trees in school complex


1. Received corona warrior award given by Home Affairs Government of India Shri G.Kishan Reddy
2. Pudami Sahiti Award
3. Pudami Ratna Award
4. International humanitarian Excellence Award by Global Peace and Cultural Association Indo American Prof. Madhu Kishan.
5. National Social Entrepreneur Award by Nandamuri Laxmi Parvathi
6. District Best Teacher Award.
7. Kalanilayam Social Activist Award

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