Krittika Haldar is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “BEST MULTI TALENTED GIRL AWARD”

Abhishek Delhi Magic Book of Record
Abhishek is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “SHINING STAR AWARD”
November 11, 2021
Megha Jain Magic Book of Record
Megha Jain is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “MULTIPLE ABILITIES AWARD”
November 11, 2021

Krittika Haldar is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “BEST MULTI TALENTED GIRL AWARD”

Krittika Haldar Magic Book of Record
Krittika Haldar is awarded "BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021" as the title of “BEST MULTI TALENTED GIRL AWARD” by Magic Book of Records on 13th October, 2021, in the field of Dance, Recitation & Vocal.


Krittika Haldar, daughter of Koushik Kumar Haldar and Aditi Bhaskar Haldar, resides at a small town, Dainhat, in the district of Purba Bardhaman of West Bengal.
She was born on 29th - January 2013 in a Hindu joint family. Her father is an Engineer and mother is a Teacher. She has learnt good manners, good habits, discipline, obedience and etiquette from her parents, grandparents and teachers. The first thing that she has always kept in her mind is the importance of hard work, honesty, loyalty, helpful nature, dedication and respecting her parents, elders and teachers.
From her early childhood she has the keen interest in the field of Dance, Recitation and Song. She is also a good student in educational field. Besides education, she devotes maximum time in practicing those activities. When she was 2 years old, she learnt many poems by hearing from his Mother. From that time her cultural activities are began to grow. From the age of 3 years she has started practicing dance in a local Dance Institution named Moushree Nritya Upasana under the heartiest care of GURU MOUSHREE RAKSHIT. From then on her 1st stage program was also started at the age of just three and half years.
Then she has also started Recitation practice under GURU SRI PRADIPTA Roy and also started Odissi Dance practice under GURU SRI JYOTIPRAKASH SAMANTA.
She also learns Semi-classical dances, RABINDRA NRITYA, Folk dances, Modern and Contemporary Dances.
She has won many prizes in various competitions, and in 2021 she has also won National Awards from Cuttack in the field of Dance and Recitation.
She is a multi-talented girl who engages herself in various crafts activities and also likes to write poems with her own fanciful imagination. She also likes to sing songs, reading many books of poem and fairy tales.
As a student she always remembers that they are the future of Nation. Most importantly she is to be amongst the blessed children to be educated and do cultural activities presently she is in class 3 of Katwa Holy Angels' School (ICSE Board). When she was in class 2, she won Gold Medals in Olympiad in English, Math, and Science.
Now during difficult times, she is able to confidently sit back and set short time goals. She has learned the power of determination, while enhancing herself discipline and self motivation.

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