Dr. Naveen Kumar Uppal is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “YOUNG PROFESSIONAL AWARD”

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Pratijna Jogbhat is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “BEST DANCER AWARD”
November 12, 2021
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November 12, 2021

Dr. Naveen Kumar Uppal is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “YOUNG PROFESSIONAL AWARD”

Naveen Kumar Uppal Uttar Pradesh
Dr. Naveen Kumar Uppal is awarded "BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021" as the title of “YOUNG PROFESSIONAL AWARD” by Magic Book of Records on 2nd October -2021, in the field of People Management, Training and Development, Motivational Speaker.


Dr. Naveen Kumar Uppal belongs from Delhi completed his Doctor of Philosophy from Royal American University, Newark, Delaware. USA. He has also been awarded "The Man of Excellence" in Influential Indian 2021 Awards and got an opportunity to become a panelist as a Speaker to influence audience. After getting this award he got a new way of becoming a motivational Speaker.
He is Innovative, Influential and dynamic professional, with 15+ years of experience in Multinational companies in Delhi NCR.
Completing PhD was the dream of his parents that has been accomplished. Being born and bought up in Delhi in a family of reputed government officers, he and his elder sister got a good start, however, losing his father at a tender age of 5, turned everything upside down. Despite of all the challenges and pressure, his Mother turns out to be the real Hero of the family. Naveen's greatest source of inspiration is his Parents as they remind and inspire him always to become THE BEST version of HIM.
He overcomes lot of challenges by maintaining work life balance. Being a Speaker, he knows how to handle challenges and to overcome Stress as he is highly organized, Self-motivated person.
He is a Social Activist, associated with many NGO’s as a President/Vice President. His fundamental revolves around learning new things every day from our own activities and stay motivated.
His Goal is to coach the young generation on how to be efficient & effective even if we have problems and Stress in Life. He has trained many people on how to be firm in life and take right decisions while going through any challenges. He wants to continue training people with the help of different strategies like:
1. Road to success - overcoming setbacks and self-doubts.
2. Self-Improvement - staying focused under pressure.
3. Recipe to Success - Turn your dissatisfaction into action.
4. Success Mantra - Getting strength and power from your own negativity.
5. Embrace your pain - The worst phase in your life can make The Best version of yourself.

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