Dr. Narayana Prasad R is awarded APJ Abdul Kalam Award

Mam Chand Kurukshetra Haryana
Mam Chand is awarded Seva Ratan Award
March 14, 2023
Nari Shakti Social Welfare Foundation Haryana
Nari Shakti Social Welfare Foundation is awarded Seva Ratan Award
March 15, 2023

Dr. Narayana Prasad R is awarded APJ Abdul Kalam Award

Dr. Narayana Prasad R Karnataka
APJ Abdul Kalam Award is presented to Dr. Narayana Prasad R from Karnataka state for his excellent and remarkable contribution as a Real Estate Agent. Founder of “Square Feet Realtors” began its operation 18 years back in Bangalore. This firm has professionally managed and has been rendering services of real estate to property owners and property seekers around south India. We are wishing wonderful years ahead to contribute more services to each and every property seekers and property owners in future. We are conveying our best wishes for his success or achievements. It has been recorded in the Magic Book of Record.


An army man who took VRS in 2004 after 17 years of serving the nation decided to continue to serve the society and now is heading many social organisations in Kerala and Karnataka. He served Indi¬an army as a Sports Coach (Body Building) at MEG Centre, Madras.
Shri Narayan Prasad was Mr. India (Runner up), Mr. South India, Mr. Karnataka, Mr. Southern Command, Mr. services, Mr. Telengana , Mr. ATNKK & G Area, Mr. Kerala Kishore, Mr. Millennium & Mr. Sree Narayana College. In 1998 he became model for International and do¬mestic brands like IBM. A native of Palakkad Kerala, he is settled in Bangalore and travel’s to Kerala regularly. He is a graduate from army.
He is the chairman and managing director of firm called Square Feel realty and real estate consulting firm. Square Feel real¬ty is accredited with NAR (National association of realtors) , BRAI (Bangalore Realtors Association Of India), CREA (Confederat¬ing of Real Estate Associates) Shri Narayan Prasad is also chair¬man of Thathwamasi Seva kendram, Head officed at Palakkad. The main intention of “Thanthwamasi Job Placements” is to provide job opportunities to unemployed youth. Thathwamasi matrimony a marriage consulting division, finds suitable pair as per the cus¬tomer’s choice. Similarly other divisions like, Thathwamsi Security systems, Thathwamsi Event management, Thathwamasi Interiors, Thathwamasi constructions, Thathwamsi Pre-marriage counselling Centre etc are part of Thathwamasi Seva kendram. All these are service offering aimed at helping the underprivileged of the society.
He is also the President of Akhila Bharatha Ayappa sangham Kerala, State joint Secretary Kolakkod Unit and secretary of Alathur union and he is incharge of Palakkad district co-ordinator. Similarly he is the Chairman of Muthappan Trust Ulsava Committee chair¬man, Babusapalaya. Punyan poonkavana , a unit for protection of Sabarimala Karnataka state Coordinator , HRDC Executive mem-ber, Palakkadan Koottaimma Advisory Committee. Samanvaya A Socio Cultural organisation , President Halasur bhag and also its am¬bulance committee chairman, Balagokulam Halasur Bhag control¬ler & Trainer, here conducts Classes like Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bhagawad Geeta classes, Yoga etc .
He is a Motivational speaker on topics like fight against Drugs, Alcohol and conducts social awareness programs like Non Plastic Community, tree plantation, Feed street dogs etc.
Off late with his effort contributed 1100 subscribers to “Sree Ayyappan” a face magazine of “Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa seva sangham” just in a short duration. He has helped in reigniting the Sanatana values in the land of Adi Shankara that is current plagued with communist rule. Asia Vedic Culture research University recognized his activities in the field of social service and awarded honorary doctorate. India Book of records appreciated for making 1100 sub-scribers to a Malayalam Spiritual Magazine called “Sree Ayyappna” just in 4 months’ time.
For his successful achievements, It has been recorded in the Magic Book of Records. We wish his success in all his future endeavours.

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