Yati Rajpoot is awarded “Genius Artist of India Award”

Dr. Manju Vasant Ahir Maharashtra
Dr. Manju Vasant Ahir is awarded APJ Abdul Kalam Award
April 3, 2023
CA Ramesh Nagar Gujarat
CA Ramesh Nagar is awarded Honorary Doctorate Award
April 3, 2023

Yati Rajpoot is awarded “Genius Artist of India Award”

Yati Rajpoot Jhansi Uttar Pradesh
“Genius Artist of India Award - 2023” is presented to Yati Rajpoot from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh state for outstanding memory and wonderful grasping power. At the age of 1.5 years, she is performed various activities very well. She learns new things very quickly. We are conveying our best wishes for her success or achievements. It has been recorded in the Magic Book of Record.


Yati Rajpoot from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, who is doing activity at toddler age. Yati Rajpoot is doing her first activity (Putting Peanuts in a bottle) at age of 14 months.
Every child is gifted with different level of intelligence. Some children are too intelligent to understand any subject or environment around them easily. Many children grasp a subject after applying efforts to their mind and brain. Some children are too slow in grasping on any topic. So Yati Rajpoot is one of the wonderful grasping power child among them.
Yati’s mother is encourage her children to effectively utilize their brain. She helps Yati to boost her thinking power by allowing her to play games such as puzzles, giz-saw, memory game, etc. She also increasing her grasping power by listening, watching and learning. She has awarded Genus Artist of India Award by Identifying and Reciting wild animals, birds, domestic animals, fruits, vegetables, family members, parts of body, vehicles, insects, colors, alphabets & perform 7 actions (like clap, kiss, hifi, etc.,) at very young age. We appreciating her talent and honouring her in the Stage of Big applause and for her futures stone. This achievement is registered in Magic Book of Records.
For her good profile and excellence works on her respective field, she is appreciated and awarded from many organizations. She has been sincere, dedicated and hardworking & up to mark in her field. We wish her success in all her future endeavors.

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