Q 1. What is a record ?
Ans: A record is a written account of what has happened, been done, etc. by somebody/something. Records are written down or film facts or events so that they can be referred to later and will not be forgotten.
Q 2: Why there are different Record and Awards?
Ans: There are different types of awards and records so that your talent and claim can get justified.
Q 3: Is any age limit for Record?
Ans: Minimum age 2 days and no age limit above.
Q 4: Can children apply for the Record?
Ans: Yes, depending on the type of Record you wish to apply.
Q 5: What are the benefits of Record?
Ans: Once your record is approved/ confirmed, then Magic Book of Record will honor with you with the following awards:
Certificate of Magic Book of Record Achiever.
A Unique Memento/ Trophy.
A Gold-Plated Medal with Ribbon of Magic Book of Record.
A Badge of Record Holder by Magic Book of Record.
A Unique Signature Pen.
Lifetime Awardee Membership.
You can attend our Live Award Ceremony, or we will send your award as TROPHY, CERTIFICATE, MEDAL, SIGNATURE PEN and BADGE by courier or Speed Post about 30-90 working days after registration work has completed by yourself.
We will list your Award details on our official website at www.magicbookofrecord.com.
Your Name will be published in MAGIC BOOK OF RECORD Monthly Magazine (in PDF Format or Paper Book).
This award will make you feel proud that you have made a significant contribution to the society.
Some of other articles to show off your proud achievement.
Q 6: What is the registration fee for Record?
Ans: World/National/State Record: Only Rs. 30000/- only.
Q 7: I want Fast Process in my Record, what is the fast processing fee.
Ans: Fast processing fee is Rs 2000/- extra. Your Record will be ready for courier within 15 working days.
Q 8: How many days after registration, we will receive the Record?
Ans: About 30 to 90 Working Days.
Q 9: Why should we pay the registration fee for this Record?
Ans- The registration fee is for organizing, servicing, the banquet and other paid service.
Q 10: Do you provide National and Global level certificate?
Ans: Yes, we provide National and International level certificate.
Q 11: Can we pay fees after Record confirmation?
Ans: Your process of nomination will not proceed until we get a registration fee.
Q 12: How to receive certificate?
Ans: A certificate will be sent to your WhatsApp or Email. All other certificates and a unique trophy will be sent to your doorstep by courier or post.
Q 13: What is the validity of an application?
Ans- Once your proposal is approved, then it is valid for 30 days only.
Q 14: Do I have to pay any shipping or delivery charges?
Ans: We do prepay automatically, so you don't need to pay any shipping or delivery charges
Q 15: Is email confirmation of record is final?
Ans: Email confirmation is only conditional. Until the certificate is issued, the record won’t be finally considered.
Q 16: Can I apply for multiple Record categories?
Ans: Surely you can, just you need to fill and submit each category separately.
Q 17: Will the documents given by us remain confidential?
Ans: Yes, your documents will remain confidential and secure with us.
Q 18: How many fees will be charged to register my application?
Ans: The application you make, we will need 2 to 8 weeks for proceeding. Submit a fully defined claim. If your claim is accepted by us, then you can proceed with your application. For which you will have to pay the application fee, the application fee will be Rs 7999/- only.
Q 19: Is Magic Book of Record Available on Social Platforms?
Ans: Yes we are available on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter. You can follow us.
Q 20: I'm having trouble during registration. Can I get some help?
Ans: If you are stuck during registration, you can get help in our Registration Guideline or you can call and Whatsapp us on - +91- 9910192298.
Q 21: How records will be measured?
Ans: Each record has a tailored set of rules and evidence requirements so that everyone attempts to the record under the same conditions and can prove their achievement beyond doubt. The majority of record attempts are verified by gathering this evidence and uploading it for the Records Management Team to review.
Measurable – Is it the fastest / longest / heaviest / most?
Breakable – Can the record be broken or repeated by someone else? All our record titles must be open to being challenged.
Standardizable – Can the record title be done universally? For example, it cannot be related to something restricted to a region.
Verifiable – Can the claim be proven? For example, a claim such as “the man who never drank water” can never be verified unless the man spent his whole life from birth under surveillance by a witness.
Universal – The proposal must be something or about something that is known to the world’s majority. It cannot be too specific / regional.
Substantially different from a current record – If your record suggestion is similar to something we already have, we will ask you to break the current record rather than approving a variation of the same title.
Q 22: What are the general reasons applications are rejected? Ans: Insufficient description: the details are insufficient for an assessment.
Criteria not met: for example, the record is not standardizable (see our MBR Policy).
Q 23: I am talented but have a financial problem. Can I apply?
Ans- Yes, you can apply. Submit your and your family income proof and related documents for approval.
Q 24: How to make payments?
Ans: You can pay through direct getaway link that you get in our website or details provided below, you can make payment via Paytm, GooglePay, Phonepe, Amazon Pay & Airtel Pay. 9910192298 or 9891417096 or you can pay directly to our Account-
Account Name- Magic Book of Record,
Account No- 619891417096
IFSC Code- PYTM0123456
Branch Name- NOIDA
Account Type- CURRENT
IDFC FIRST BANK A/c No- 10008935839
IFSC Code- IDFB0021001
Branch Name- Gurgaon Golf Course Road Branch, Gurgaon
Account Type- Saving
HDFC BANK A/c No- 50100576002771
IFSC Code- HDFC0004465
Account Type- Saving
Q 25: What is the registration process for application?
Ans: Fill the application form on our Website, www.magicbookofrecord.com. Follow our guidelines and rules & regulations.
Q 26: Will I get informed once my Record is processed?
Ans: Yes, our team will inform you.
Q 27: How do I check the status of my Record?
Ans: You can WhatsApp on 9910192298 with your registration number and registration date, We will revert reply and inform you.
Q 28: When Courier Company will deliver my Record kit? Can you send me Tracking ID.
Ans: Yes, we will inform you and provide you the tracking ID.
Q 29: I have a query?
Ans- Please feel free to contact us-
Email- magicbookofrecord@gmail.com, info@magicbookofrecord.com,
and WhatsApp or Call :- +91-9910192298