Rakeshkumar Hirabhai Prajapati is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “BEST EDUCATIONIST AWARD”

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November 22, 2021
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Rakeshkumar Hirabhai Prajapati is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “BEST EDUCATIONIST AWARD”

Rakeshkumar Hirabhai Prajapati Gujarat
Rakeshkumar Hirabhai Prajapati is awarded "BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021" as the title of “BEST EDUCATIONIST AWARD” by Magic Book of Records on 2nd November, 2021, in the field of Education, Journalism & Social Services.


Rakeshkumar Hirabhai Prajapati is Journalist, Educationist as well as a Social Worker. His Contribution in the field of journalism with various articles related to education, society and public life are being published frequently in various newspapers, magazines, bulletins etc. He is a editor, Agnichakra Monthly-Mumbai as well as a Journalist and Co-editor in Gandhinagar, Gujarat with a National Journalist, Bharat Citizen, Delhi.
Rakeshkumar Hirabhai Prajapati is also Contribution to Social and Educational Institutions.
1. Active participation in Eco-club, Science-club, Cultural club etc. of the school. My school was awarded “Paryavaran Mitra” & “The Best Eco School” of the Gandhinagar District as well as of the Gujarat state by Green Planet and Centre for Environment Education.
2. Active cooperation in the Ecological Awareness Programmes, Social welfare, blood camp, rescue operation at the time of natural disaster, Save-electricity movement etc.
3. As He has done her post-graduation in Gandhian thoughts, he is aware of words like village cleanliness, Rentiya Kantan, Khadi Surajya Swarajya, Samajvad, Antevasi (Disciple), Panchayati Raj etc. He carried out village cleanliness movements by actuively participating in many camps. Projects of village cleanliness prepared under his guidance had even got a golden chance to compete at the state level competition.
4. He has been trying to stomach the Gandhian thoughts by joining Gujarat Vidhyapith, Gandhi Ashram and various social institutions.
5. Many times rallies, camps, seminars, exhibitions, science fairs, group discussions etc. has been conducted during various co-curricular activities in the school so that students as well as their parents become aware of such activities. He has always been trying to activate and awaken people through various activities like Save environment movement, Natural disaster rescue operation, tree plantation, pulse polio movement, eye-donation camp, blood donation camp, all diseases diagnosis camp etc.
6. As an RTI Activist, He has been striving for the rights of the common people of Mansa and have been fighting for their inevitable problems like illegal pressures, problem of drainage water, problem of LPG agencies, slaughtering of animals, mal-governance of Nagarpalika, injustice of government officers, corruption in Panchayati Raj etc.
7. He is an Educational Secretary, Shri Dandhavya Chhasath Prajapati Samaj, Gozaria.

Honors and Awards:

1. He was awarded “BOLT AWARD” for the best teacher continuously for two times from Air India, Divya Bhaskar and Gujarat Samachar.
2. He was awarded national level “Life Time Social Development Award”.
3. He was awarded national level “Bharat Vibhushan Sanman Puraskar”.
4. He was awarded international leve’s “International Status Award For Intellectual Development.”
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