Pandurang Bhikoba Shelar is awarded Public Service Hero Award

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February 24, 2023
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Pandurang Bhikoba Shelar is awarded Public Service Hero Award

Eng Pandurang Bhikoba Shelar Pune
Public Service Hero Award is presented to Pandurang Bhikoba Shelar from Pune, Maharashtra state for his excellence works and remarkable roles on Working in administrative service. He worked for upliftment of vjnt/ Nomadic tribe persons when he was working as an executive. He also Completed several irrigation Projects doing rehabilitation. We are conveying our best wishes for his success or achievements. It has been recorded in the Magic Book of Record.


Eng. Pandurang Bhikoba Shelar is working in administrative and social service in Pune, Maharashtra. He has positive steps towards society for growth of peoples of state/nation. By professionally Pandurang Shelar is a Civil Engineer in Pune.
Engr. Pandurang Bhikoba Shelar is an Executive Engineer of Khadakwasla Irrigation Department, Pune. He is the Pune District President of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers, Pune branch, Maharashtra. He is the President, Joint Secretary of Sajir Establishment, Maharashtra State and Banai Maharashtra State.
He is also vice president of Maharashtra Officers Forum, West Maharashtra and Savitribai Phule Jagruti Manch, Maharashtra State. He is an executive member of Sargangin Parivarthan Vichar Manch, Karvenagar, Pune-52.

Honorary Consultant
1) Honorary Lecturer :- Yashada Pune.
2) Janata Swarajya Kranti Sangh, Maharashtra State.
3) Rajput Social Service Development Forum, Maharashtra State. 4) Bhim Jyoti Pratishthan, Pune.
5) Swayamdeep Education and Training Institute, Pune.
6) Childhood Rescue Committee.
7) Prem Multipurpose Backward Class Charitable Organization.
8) Satyashodak Youth Foundation.
9) Yuva Kisan Vahini.
10) Nationalist Consumer Protection Organization.
11) Savitribai Multipurpose Social Organization.
12) Nomadic Caste Tribe Aadhaar Sangh, Maharashtra State.
Born in a poor Buddhist family, Pandurang Shelar is aware of family and social obligations from an early age. Therefore, he participated in social work even from the age of Virdyathi. Government Engineering College, Pune B.E. (Civil) who was working to solve the problems of economically weak and backward class students. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers i.e. Banai (Student Branch) solved many problems of students through this organization. He made conscious and wholehearted efforts to solve the problem of getting admission in hostels, especially for students from rural areas. Even after accepting a government job as an engineer, his longing to solve the common man's problems continued.

Pandurang Shelar’s work devoted to administrative service:
After joining the engineering service, he initiated many important projects in Satara districts under the Irrigation Department. The first of which was the introduction of an increased water supply scheme for Mahabaleshwar, a hill station known as a hot spot for tourists. Therefore, abundant water supply is seen in Mahabaleshwar city today.
Uttarmand Madhyam Project in Patan Taluka of Satara District was one such ambitious project. It was also launched in time, the Nivkane Small Irrigation Project in Patan taluka was also launched during this period.
He works on the stalled Wang-Marathwadi project in Karad taluka was also started during this period. Interestingly, the works of the above three projects were stalled for 8 to 10 years due to non-rehabilitation of the project victims. Taking into account the problems of the project victims and gaining their trust, the rehabilitation works were initiated. After that, he started working on the project and completed the project. About 1,200 project victims under the Wang-Marathwadi project were rehabilitated and the project started. Leaders like Medha Patkar were opposed to this project because so many families would actually be rehabilitated.
It has been 10 years since this project started and despite spending about 200 crore rupees for the work of this dam, not a single drop of water was blocked. Finally after 10 years Mr. Shelar first settled the issue of rehabilitation. After that the work of the project started. In June 2011, this Wang-Marathwadi medium project was completed and about 600 D.L.D.Ft. Such a huge water reservoir was created in the very first phase. Literally shut down and people gave up expectations of perfection.
For this good profile and excellence works on his respective field, he is appreciated and awarded from many organizations. He has been sincere, dedicated and hardworking & upto mark in his field. He will prove himself as an administrative service work field. We wish his success in all his future endeavours.

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