Pallab Kumar Basu is awarded “Best Miniature Artist Award”

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Pallab Kumar Basu is awarded “Best Miniature Artist Award”

Pallab Kumar Basu West Bengal
Pallab Kumar Basu from West Bengal is awarded “Best Achiever’s Award - 2022” as the title of “Best Miniature Artist Award” by Magic Book of Records on 04th April, 2022, for making a handmade smallest ludo board in the world. It has been recorded in Magic Book of Record.


Mr. Pallab Kumar Basu lives in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India. He is a businessman. He has a happy and little family with his mother, wife and a little daughter. Pallab’s wife is his best friend and his father and wife always inspired and supported him for to show his hidden talent to through a platform. But in the midst of all the business he finds his own time and in that short time he tries to make his creation flourish. He is a creative artist in West Bengal. He is making so many handmade crafts, from above this craft ludo board is one of the smallest ludo board in the world which size is 3.5 cm× 3.5 cm.

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