Nidhi Gupta is awarded “Genius Artist of India Award”

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March 28, 2023
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March 28, 2023

Nidhi Gupta is awarded “Genius Artist of India Award”

Nidhi Gupta Cake Artist Punjab
“Genius Artist of India Award - 2023” is presented to Nidhi Gupta from Jalandhar, Punjab state for her excellent performance in the field of Designer Cake Artist. She makes incredibly creative eggless 3D cakes and realistic cakes which you can’t recognize whether it’s an object or a cake. She is the founder of Nidhi Creative Kitchen which is on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. She has made unique types of cakes. We are conveying our best wishes for her success n achievements. It has been recorded in the Magic Book of Record.


Nidhi Gupta(Iconic Cake Artist of India) is the founder of Nidhi Creative Kitchen which is on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. She is a Cake Design Artist in Jalandhar, Punjab. She is the most talented cake designers all around the world who has come up with something magical to mark the big day. She is an award-winning cake artist in India who has taken the hearts of everyone with its amazing jaw-dropping artwork. Her great creations are the reason behind her successful career.
Nidhi Gupta is an internationally award winning cake artist from Punjab and also a youtuber, a self taught Cake Designer. She is a self taught baker and is very much passionate about 3D cake making. She do it just as a hobby for family only n teach people how to make it throught her tutorial videos on her youtube channel NIDHI CREATIVE KITCHEN. She feel if She can follow her passion and her dream work within home without anyone support or any team then any woman can chase her dream just with her determination n hard work.
She upload her cake making tutorials on her youtube channel Nidhi Creative Kitchen and run her Instagram handle and facebook page under the same name.
For her good profile and excellence works on his respective field, she is appreciated and awarded from many organizations. She has been sincere, dedicated and hardworking & up to mark in her field. We wish her success in all her future endeavors.

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