Vanisha Singh is awarded “BEST ACHEIVER’S AWARD – 2021″ as the title of “OUTSTANDING TALENTED AWARD” by Magic Book of Record.

Dhirendra Kumar Bhanubhai Desai- Magic Book of Record
Dhirendra Kumar Bhanubhai Desai is awarded as “BEST INNOVATIVE WORK IN FIELD OF AGRICULTURE” by Magic Book of Record
May 19, 2021
KARTIK SHARMA- Magic Book of Records
Kartik Sharma is awarded as “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD – 2021″ as the title of “OUTSTANDING DANCER AWARD” by Magic Book of Record.
May 20, 2021

Vanisha Singh is awarded “BEST ACHEIVER’S AWARD – 2021″ as the title of “OUTSTANDING TALENTED AWARD” by Magic Book of Record.

Vanisha Singh Magic Book of Record
We are glad to record our honour for MISS VANISHA SINGH, who is an impressive little kid with her beautiful face, beautiful smile and beautiful eyes and also a multi-talented personality. She has participated in many fashion walks, competitions and achieved so many awards. We are sure that along the way while she will be achieving numerous milestones, she will also inspire many more young minds! She herself believes that leaving no stone unturned to the best of her capabilities is the only key to success.
Magic Book of Record conferred MISS VANISHA SINGH is awarded "BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD - 2021" as the title of “OUTSTANDING TALENTED AWARD” on April 28, 2021.


Miss Vanisha Singh is 11 years old girl from Maharashtra state. She has been very active during the time of 2020; her love for Learning has motivated her to take part in many fashion awards, winner for photogenic, winner for best smile and Competitive. She has also taken part in different Competitions and Contest. She selected for Amazon, Flipkart and Pantaloons 2021.


1. Winner of Mumbai Kids Carnival 2021
2. Winner of TZP fashion award - 2021
3. Winner of Maharashtra Icon - 2020
4. Winner of India Star Diva Award - 2020
5. Winner of Shining star of Maharashtra 2019
6. 1st Runner up - Charming prince & princess India 2019
7. Title winner for best style in charming prince & princess 2019
8. IKFW 2019
9. Title winner for miss perfect in Dazzling Kids Fashion Show - 2019
10. International Excellency Award (Modelling & Fashion) - 2020
11. India Star Independent Award (Modelling & Fashion) - 2020
12. Title winner for best smile in prince & princess of Majhi Mumbai - 2020
13. Title winner for best attitude in Uran (Navi Mumbai) fashion show - 2020
14. Title winner for best walk in Indian prince & princess (NIIFD)- 2020
15. Title winner for photogenic (Mr & Ms Little Bright) - 2020
16. Got selected in International Fashion & Glamour World magazine - 2020
17. Participated in Mr & Miss. Junior Fashion Divas N Dukes - 2019
18. Participated in Festival of Joy & Togetherness (Rotary Club of Kharghar Midtown) - 2019
19. Participated in INSD fashion show - 2020
20. Participated in Biggest kids fashion show (Magic events & Entertainment) - 2020
21. Participated in Fashion sensation of Pune - 2020
22. Participated in All India Virtual Fashion Show (The Magic Touch) - 2020
23. Did photo shoot for Amazon India - 2020
24. Selected for Amazon, Flipkart and Pantaloon - 2021
25. Calendar shoot for Dazzling & Dhruv
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