Miss Anshika Patil is awarded as “SUPER MODEL KID” by Magic Book of Record.

Anjana Group Talcher Odisha
April 14, 2021
HIMANI- Magic Book of Record
Miss Himani is awarded as “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD” by Magic Book of Record.
April 14, 2021

Miss Anshika Patil is awarded as “SUPER MODEL KID” by Magic Book of Record.

Anshika Patil Maharashtra
We honour Miss ANSHIKA PATIL, who is very active and cute kid and performing as model at age 12 years. She is performing so many shows and competitions and wining many titles. She has also participates for brand promotions. Her dreams are extremely important you can’t do it unless imagine it. She has become role model for many kids to make their dreams come true as she herself believes that leaving no stone unturned to the best of her capabilities is the only key to success.
We conferred Miss ANSHIKA PATIL with the title “SUPER MODEL KID AWARD” by the Magic Book of Record on March 24, 2021.


Anshika Rajesh Patil is a 12years old girl from Uran Navi Mumbai, Maharastra state. She loves model, acting as well as dancing. She is so cute with best performer. She has received so many awards for her Photogenic face, beautiful eyes and beautiful smile as well as a best model performer. She never loses her hopes to b a success. Her father Mr Rajesh and mother Mrs Apeksha both are supportive in her career path.


1. Miss parivartan2019 winner.
2. Charming prince and princess 2019 winner and best confident title.
3. Mesmeric fashion fiesta 2019 Navi Mumbai.
4. Shining Star of Maharashtra 2019 star princess and best photogenic kid.
5. Utsav Jallosh 2020 winner.
6. Princess of Maji Mumbai 2020 winner.
7. The royal king and queen 2020 winner (Pune).
8. Princess of Maharashtra 2020 winner.
9. Showstopper for Mumbai kids carnival.
10. Printshoot for max brand.
11. India's prince and princess 2021 winner and best confident ramp walk.
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