Kansodariya Jignesh R is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “INDIA BEST ARTIST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021”

Debeshi Das Artist West Bengal
Debeshi Das is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “BRILLIANT CHILD ARTIST”
July 26, 2021
Vikram- Dancer - Punjab - Magic Book of Record
Master Vikram is awarded as “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD – 2021″ as the title of “OUTSTANDING DANCER AWARD”
July 26, 2021

Kansodariya Jignesh R is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “INDIA BEST ARTIST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021”

Kansodariya Jignesh R – Artist – Gujarat -3697- Magic Book of Record
KANSODARIYA JIGNESH R is awarded "BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021" as the title of “INDIA BEST ARTIST ACHIEVER'S AWARD-2021” by MAGIC BOOK OF RECORDS on June 2021, in the field of Ashwattha leaves art (Painting).


Ashwattha leaves: - The writing and painting in the leaves of this tree known as Ashwattha tree or Pipple tree was started by Maharshi Vashisht about 5000 years ago. But after Maharshi, this leaf was not specially mentioned in the sage tradition. Years later, this tree was revered as the Bodhi tree of Lord Buddha. Since then, the importance of this tree has increased for Buddhists around the world. Mentioning this leaf directly in the history of Chalukyavansh after Lord Buddha, it is said that writing and painting on Ashwattha leaf was started by Dravidians living on the shores of Dakshinsagar When looking at Indian writing literature, there is less writing in this page and more mention of painting or symbolism. Secondly, for the one on which the painting is done, the leaf is dried and grated only after the colors are put on it to enhance the rural culture, but in modern times the use of Pipple leaf is being forgotten. An attempt has been made here to keep the forgotten practice alive


• selected Art and Artist online national art Exhibition (2021)
• A.T.D ( Art teacher in diploma) Gujarat topar (2018)
• India Best artist Achiever's Award -2021 ( magic book of records)
• 2nd winner in National level poster making competition-2020 ( Rajasthan samagrah Kalyan sansthan, Rajasthan)
• 2nd winner in National level Art competition-2021( limitless production, Bhopal)
•1st winner in painting competition-2015 ( university youth fastival)
• 2nd Winner in Rangoli Competition-2016( university youth fastival)
• 1st winner 3 time in painting competition- 2020, 2021, 2021 ( Dist level)
• 1st winner in dist level poster making competition-2020 ( safety Bridge Society Botad)
• 3 time participate National level yoga competition
- kuruksetra university, kuruksetra, hariyana-2014
- chaudhary Ranvir Singh university, jind , hariyana-2015
- kuruksetra university, kuruksetra, hariyana- 2016
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