1. What is Honorary Doctorate Award?
Answer:MBR Honorary Doctorate Award is registered under Trademark act with Class-41 in India. So MBR Honorary Doctorate Award is property of Magic Book of Record. So in our website the design of Honorary Doctorate Award means MBR Honorary Doctorate Award. MBR Honorary Doctorate Award is often awarded in recognition of one’s life experiences and to recognize their exceptional contributions to the society or lifetime achievement in their field.
2. What are the criteria of Honorary Doctorate Award?
Answer: This unique Magic Book of Record honorary doctorate award is awarded to a person satisfying the following criteria:
   1) The person who has contributed significantly to the cultural, scientific, and/or social development of the State, nation or world.
   2) Outstanding accomplishment in the honoree’s field, with national status wherever appropriate social cause;
   3) Having any administrative honor or minimum 5 years of working experience in anything that is vital for the betterment of society or beneficiary for animal welfare or having any special research in any field.
   4) As per your profile and achievements, Magic Book of Record committee will decide.
3. Honorary Doctorate Award Benefits?
Answer: After completed registration process, if you are nominated and selected for award, then we will honor you with:-
A3 Size Matte Finish, A Unique Certificate
A Unique Ashoka Trophy
A Badge of MBR Honorary Doctorate Award
A Unique Signature Pen
A Gold-Plated Medal with Ribbon
One set of Apron with Hat (Award Dress)
Lifetime Awardee Membership
You can attend our Live Award Ceremony, or we will send your award as TROPHY, CERTIFICATE, MEDAL, SIGNATURE PEN, BADGE and APRON with HAT by courier or Speed Post about 20-30 working days after registration work has completed by yourself.
We will list your Award details on our official website at www.magicbookofrecord.com.
Your Name will be published in MAGIC BOOK OF RECORD Monthly Magazine (in PDF Format or Paper Book).
This award will make you feel proud that you have made a significant contribution to the society.
With this award, you will guide people as a source of inspiration for them.
Some of other articles to show off you're proud.
And many more things which will be very beneficial for you, and it will enhance your social image.
4. Can I use DR as a prefix in my name after receiving an Honorary Doctorate Award?
Answer: Yes, you can use it but depends on your criteria.
5. Is this Honorary Doctorate Award valid?
Answer: Absolutely, all our Awards are valid.
6. From which institution the Honorary Doctorate Award is provided?
Answer- This award will be presented and given by Magic Book of Record (Regd. By Govt. of India) and associated with Magic and Art University. MBR Honorary Doctorate Award is registered under Trademark act with Class-41 in India.
7. What are the registration fees of Honorary Doctorate Award?
Answer: Registration fee is Rs. 29999/- only.
8. In case my nomination gets declined due to any unforeseen reason, will you be refunding my registration fee?
Answer: Definitely if your nomination gets decline from our side then we will refund your registration fee.
9. I want Fast Process in my award, what is the fast processing fee.
Answer: Fast processing fee is Rs 2000/- extra. Your award will be ready for courier within 3 working days.
10. Is the award process online or offline?
Answer- According to the situation, we are proceeding with online or Offline process.
11. Last Date of Registration?
Answer: As per order or notification of MBR Board.
12. How much time it will take to receive the award?
Answer: About 20 to 30 working days.
13. What does Magic Book of Record organize other than Honorary Doctorate Award?
Answer: Records, Global Awards, National awards, Miss India, Mr. India Competitions (Yes, time to time we organize many types of competitions Dance/ Fancy Dress/ Singing/ Modeling/ GK/ Etc.)
14. Do you provide National and Global level certificate?
Answer: Yes, we provide National or International level certificate also.
15. Can we pay fees after nomination confirmation?
Answer: Your process of nomination will not proceed until we get a registration fee.
16. In how many days, we get confirmation for nomination?
Answer: Within 7 working days.
17. Will I get informed once my award is processed?
Answer: Yes, our team will inform you.
18. Do I have to pay any shipping or delivery charges in India?
Answer: We do prepay automatically, so you don't need to pay any shipping or delivery charges in India.
19. When Courier Company will deliver my award? Can you send me Tracking Id.
Answer: Yes, we will inform you and provide you the tracking id.
20. Can children apply for the award?
Answer: Yes, depending on the type of award you wish to apply.
21. How to receive certificate?
Answer: All other certificates and a unique trophy will be sent to your door.
22. How do I check the status of my award?
Answer: Please tell us your Registration No and Registration Date, We will help you. You can WhatsApp us on 9910192298
23. It’s been 10 days I completed my registration, why I haven’t received my award yet?
Answer: Processing time is 20 to 30 working days, still if you haven't got your award then please tell us your Registration No and Registration Date, we will help you. You can WhatsApp us on 9910192298.
24. What is the Registration process?
Answer: Go to our website www.magicbookofrecord.com . Follow our guidelines and rules & regulations.
25. What is the mode of payment for registration fee?
Answer: You can pay through direct getaway link that you get in our website or details provided below, you can make payment via Paytm, Google Pay, Phonepe, Amazon Pay & Airtel Pay. 9910192298 or 9891417096 Or you can pay directly to our Account-
Account Name- Magic Book of Record,
Account No- 619891417096
IFSC Code- PYTM0123456
Branch Name- NOIDA
Account Type- CURRENT
IDFC FIRST BANK A/c No- 10008935839
IFSC Code- IDFB0021001
Branch Name- Gurgaon Golf Course Road Branch, Gurgaon
Account Type- Saving
HDFC BANK A/c No- 50100576002771
IFSC Code- HDFC0004465
Account Type- Saving
26. Can we get the Image of Award Kit?
Answer: Visit https://www.magicbookofrecord.com or you can WhatsApp us on +91-9910192298.


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