Honorary Doctorate Award is presented to Dr. Jagan Mohan Rao Bonda

Priyangshi Chakraborty West Bengal
Priyangshi Chakraborty is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “BEST CHILD ARTIST AWARD”
November 2, 2021
Shrawani Sugandha Bihar
Shrawani Sugandha is awarded “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD-2021” as the title of “BEST CHILD ARTIST AWARD”
November 3, 2021

Honorary Doctorate Award is presented to Dr. Jagan Mohan Rao Bonda

Jagan Mohan Rao Andhra Pradesh
Honorary Doctorate Award is presented to Dr. Jagan Mohan Rao Bonda from Andhra Pradesh state for his contribution in the field of Art and Culture. He has been contributing his life for the well being of the society by his wonderful creative art on Tribal Life.


Jagan Mohan Rao Bonda has aged about 66 years, native of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Retired Bank Manager (BoB). Now Jagan Mohan Rao Bonda is an Artist. From a poor family journey starts with a lust to be at least a Graduate! They have four brothers; all brothers are Retired Govt. Employees! I have completed Graduation in Commerce, discontinued Post Graduation because of some domestic hurdles! While studying his Graduation thr, School of Correspondence Courses, Andhra University, He did several part time jobs for survival. During those days He got money orders for Rupees Five or below as remuneration for his cartoons from various weekly Magazines (Telugu), which is more for him to meet his needs on priorities!
Jagan Mohan Rao Bonda doesn’t know about the life whether poor or rich. His strong determination on the day is to obtain a Government job! Hard work, strong determination, attending public libraries to read News papers and to check for his Cartoons if any published! So many days He habited to satisfy his hungry with a tea and Samosa! He noticed health getting deteriorated gradually! But his inclination to obtain a job is not relinquished! At last He got a job in Vijaya Bank. He is very against in Dowry, kick backs or any bribe!! Journey to be honest is not a cake walk, He got experienced it! He faced it! By got selection in open competition, on merit, got Government jobs! He got a job in Nationalised Bank on merit through Banking recruitment Board, Chennai! He decided to spend 50% of his net to spend for poor people for their Education! He did not compromised at this, He did it successfully! Jagan Mohan Rao Bonda’s wife is a school teacher. She cooperated mea long the life in these benevolent deeds! He is very thankful to her with this!
Now he is settled well! Without properties! I could built a building with the help of a staff loan, he has two childrens and completed their Engineering Graduation with the help of Education loans for this he thanks to his great temple Vijaya Bank! At present they are very poor because no extra money left for us! But they are rich, since they have no debts! He is getting comfort with a single pension! He is spending whole time in painting! To be honest in duty as well as in Life is his strong contest! He strives the rest on it!
Jagan Mohan Rao Bonda’s hobbies are Drawing, Painting, Cartooning, Playing Chess, Homeo Philosophy, Astrology (Occult Sciences), Stamps collection, Coins collection, Book Reading. He is maintaining a personal Book Library. He is donating to poor and needed for Education. Jagan Mohan Rao Bonda is a Commerce Graduate and completed Banking Pragya, Retired Bank Manager (Vijaya Bank, now Bank of Baroda). He won several awards in Art and literature, Silver Jubilee Milestone Award in his Bank. After his retirement, he has selected Painting and trying to dig out the Beauties of woods, and Life and Tribal Beauty. In the little span of second innings, he is honoured with several prestigious awards. Such as
1. Star Gold Award 2021
2. Emerging Artist Award 2016
3. Excellence Award 2021
4. Magic Book of Awards 2021
and several Golden awards in different Galleries throughout the world!

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