Frequently Asked Questions.

1) What is the Process of Application ?
Ans- Fill the application form on our Website . Follow our guidelines, read rules and regulations carefully.

2) How much fees will be charged to register my application ?
Ans- The application you make, we will need 2 to 8 weeks for proceedings. Submit a fully defined claim. If your claim is accepted by us, you can proceed with your application. For which you will have to pay the application fees.

3) Can we use Fast Service ?
Ans- You can use to attempt your claim with fast service within 2 to 4 week after the application. You have to fulfill the guidelines, for which you will be pay the additional fee of Rs 5000.

4) I am talented but have a financial problem. Can I apply ?
Ans- Yes, you can apply. Submit your and your family income proof and related documents for approval.

5) Validity of an application ?
Ans- Once your proposal is approved then it is valid for 30 days only.

6) Is email confirmation of record is final ?
Ans- Email confirmation is only conditional. Until the certificate is issued, the record won’t be finally considered.

7) I have a query, from where I will get answer ?
Ans- Contact us- Email -,, and Whatsapp or Call :- +91-9910192298. Our representative will contact you shortly.

Do visit Terms and Conditions before submitting your record claim.