Dr. Soumyaranjan Bal is awarded MBR Honorary Doctorate Award

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October 11, 2023
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Dr. Soumyaranjan Bal is awarded MBR Honorary Doctorate Award

Dr Soumyaranjan Bal Artist Odisha
“MBR Honorary Doctorate Award - 2023 ” is presented to Dr. Soumyaranjan Bal from Kendrapara, Odisha state for outstanding contribution and remarkable role in the field of Art. He is a Creative artist and multiple record holder. He has also won the title of Grand Master of the Asia Book of Record. We are conveying our best wishes for his success and achievements. It has been recorded in the Magic Book of Record.


DR. Soumyaranjan Bal was born on 06 January 2000. He belongs to the son of Mr. Bhimasen Bal and Mrs. Sailabala Bal in at-Jagannathpur, post/via- Madanpur, Block/Police Station-Rajnagar, Dist- Kendrapara, State-Odisha. He completed his B.com in Sri Sri Jagannath Degree Mahavidyalaya, Rajnagar and he continues studies under (ICAI) Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. DR. Soumyaranjan Bal has achieved many organization-dedicated prizes and many multiple record holders in his own name.

Ex-India Book of Record entitled as the Fastest To Draw Outline Map Of India Using Mouth, Worldwide Book of Records gives the title as Fastest To Make Stencil Artusing Mouth, International Book of Record gives the title as Largest Outline Portrait of Biju Patnaik (Chief Minister Of Odisha)Made on Wall With Mouth, India’s World Record gives the title as Largest Stencil Portrait of Utkalamani Pandit Gopabandhu Das Made By Mouth, Incredible Book of Records gives the title as The Fastest Stencil Art of Mahatma Gandhi Using Mouth, OMG Book of Records entitled as the Fastest To Draw Outline Map Of World Using Index Finger Nail And Black Acrylic Colour, International Book of Records entitles as the Panting with Mouth, Rashtriya Pratistha Puraskar.
Apart from this Soumyaranjan Bal also received awards and appreciation from different organizations, such in Magic Book of Records he nominated his name in the Best Achievers’ Award entitled as Creative Artist, Fireboxx Indian Talent Award, Jackhi Awards-2022-Talent Icon, Tulasikhetra Help Foundation-Jubaratna Samman, Sagarabela Mahoschav-Srestha Yuva Chitrasilpi, Kalki Pratibha Samman 2023-Artist, Scart Award Ceremony Appellation Award in as an Artist, On the festival Bhitarakanika Mahoschav honored with Srestha Chitrasilpi Samman-2023 and more… Dr. Soumyaranjan Bal is a unique creation of a god who has a wonderful capacity to paint art holding the pen and brush in his mouth. He has not taught this miracle art from anywhere it is his inborn quality, he is holding Pen and Brush. He created the great art of great picture of India outline map and great man of Mahatma Gandhi, Biju Patnaik, Utkalamani Pandit Gopabandhu Das, and other features.
It is the rare gift of god to Dr. Soumyaranjan Bal. Rajnagar is proud to have this miracle creative artist who can art the wonderful picture holding a pen and brush in his mouth. He Has Been Awarded So Many Prizes From Eminate Person.
He has not trained anywhere not going to an art school as Rajnagar has produced famous artists like Dr. Soumyaranjan Bal is the nice exception of them. Dr. Soumyaranjan Bal has received the MBR Honorary Doctorate Award for his unique performance in the field of Art. Magic Book of Record is associated with Magic & Art University. And Honorable Governer of Odisha Professor Ganeshi Lal has given the award to DR. Soumyaranjan. With this MBR Honorary Doctorate Award DR. Soumyaranjan Bal has produced multiple videography records for his career such a young person can do such a thing it is our bound of imagination. Dr. Soumyaranjan Bal his creative capacity offered the Honorable Governor of Odisha to the art of the lord of Jagannath and a monography picture of the Governor Of Odisha In Professor Ganeshi Lal which has been offered on the DR. Soumyaranjan Bal to the Honorable Governor, Odisha and his excellence has been highly pleased on dr. Soumya Ranjan Bal and grace him to be great and to go ahead with his aspiration.
Dr. Soumyaranjan Bal has been awarded for his eminent painting from Rajnagar. Till now, we have not seen an artist in India who can paint art by his mouth. Mr. Soumyaranjan Bal is a CA Student, Social Worker, Artist, and World Record Holder. He specializes In Ai Designer / Artist. Painter Drawing .
The Magic Book of Record honoured Dr. Soumyaranjan Bal from Kendrapara, Odisha state with the MBR HONORARY DOCTORATE AWARD, in recognition of his valuable contributions to the field of art. He is a creative artist and multiple record holder in his respective fields.
For his good profile and excellent work in his respective field, he is appreciated and awarded by many organizations. He has been sincere, dedicated, and hardworking & up to mark in his field. We wish his success in all his future endeavours.
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