Dr. Navneet Kour is awarded for Iron Lady of India Award

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Dr. Navneet Kour is awarded for Iron Lady of India Award

Dr. Navneet Kour Social Activist
Iron Lady of India Award is presented to Dr. Navneet Kour from Jammu and Kashmir state for her excellence works and remarkable roles on Organising blood donations camps. She is contributing her life for social works on women empowerment, girl’s education, first aid trainnings, addressing and counselling victims of domestic violence/ harassment / verbal & physical abuse. It has been recorded in Magic Book of Record.




On her way to create a world for women and children - Dr Navneet Kour

As we all know, lack of access to equal opportunities has hindered thousands and thousands of rural women and children from being educated and self-sustainable. Working as a social activist in Jammu & Kashmir, India, Dr Navneet Kour has been working for increasing health restoration and empowerment of women and children in the rural and urban slums, making them independent and empowered in terms of health and education within their own families. She helped children and women of our society, especially those of the lower socioeconomic strata who have faced many of these challenges in the form of domestic violence, sexual slavery, militancy threats etc. Having a mission in mind, she collaborates with social workers and counsellors. She felt the need to come together for mental health training and mental health workshops, providing counselling and therapeutic sessions for individuals from distressed situations and backgrounds.
As she has done lots of research on women and children deeply embedded in the family and the private sphere of societal living, Dr Navneet feels that they are often kept away from the public sphere.
Dr Navneet Kour was born on 22 April 1971 on Earth Day in a family composed mainly of soldiers and farmers. She learned social work concepts at a very early age when she observed her grandmother running a school in the village. She moved to Jammu after getting married and began engaging in social works. She also started her own NGO, Support, to make her dreams of women and child development a reality. Dr Navneet, along with the team of Support, her NGO is working for the Global Child Protection bill by the UN. She is in charge of the child helpline project by Red Cross. She believes that the Child Protection bill will bring justice and peace to all the children suffering across the globe.
Dr Navneet Kour, with her team, aims to protect people, especially women who had suffered from violence throughout their life. She has two successful projects for educating the children of the urban slums and rural areas, providing informal education as “Our Classroom” (Hamari Kaksha ) and “Capable Girls” ( Kabil Sukanaya), in which these girls are trained in different skills. She aims to empower the rural women & educate the girls of the rural villages and urban slums. She has also contributed a lot to blood transfusion and blood donation camps, being a pioneer in the field of organising blood donation camps. Dr Navneet has realised a lot in transforming challenging times like today, especially as Covid 19 has hit the world badly. Her greater emphasis is being put on people’s mental health and well-being. She has been working for the past two decades, working in places where there have been many ups and downs in war, conflicts, and militancy through her own NGO. The Indian Red Cross Society rehabilitation was done for displaced families affected, and she created awareness for improving people’s mental health. She is a true environmentalist and an active participant in nature rebuilding and afforestation activities.
Dr Navneet is in charge of We Grow Forest Foundation’s environmental conservation programmes and activities. She is the Global Green Ambassador of We grow Forest Foundation, as she encourages individuals on building an eco-friendly planet through collective efforts. She represents our organisation voluntarily to raise awareness about minimising deforestation, promoting afforestation and encouraging sustainable activities.
Dr Navneet helps us to spread the ideology of the Foundation to a broader population. She is the voice of We Grow Forest Foundation who inspires the new generation to engage themselves in conservation practices and lead a sustainable life.
Apart from this role, she is the Jammu and Kashmir State President of We Grow Forest Chapter. She monitors all the chapters of the states of Jammu and Kashmir. She guides the chapters and motivates the members to implement activities, thereby keeping We Grow Forest Foundation active in the state. Through this role, she encourages and inspires individuals and groups to plant more trees, conserve forests, and spread the idea of sustainability, making our planet greener for future generations to come.
It’s so inspiring to see such a well-known social activist take up the cause of women emancipation and nature conservation in such a pro-active fashion. She is a women leader for development. Apart from all her struggles, she envisions taking all the positive steps to reach the needy people and help them. We congratulate her for her hard work and great success in opening gateways of education at doorsteps for rural areas and urban slums. She says firmly that she will strive and present all her thoughts, activities and volunteering in the service of society and humanity.

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