Dr. Avijit Roy is awarded Honorary Doctorate Award

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Dr. Avijit Roy is awarded Honorary Doctorate Award

Dr. Avijit Roy West Bengal
Honorary Doctorate Award (Honoris Causa) is presented to Dr. Avijit Roy from Kolkata, West Bengal state of India for his contribution in the field of Social Service. He contributed his life to the "Campaign Against Drugs". He completed training courses on Clinical Psychology and Rehabilitation Therapy. He identified with the distinction of Certified Life Coach. We are conveying our best wishes for his success or achievements. It is recorded in the Magic Book of Record.

A Short Brief About DR. Avijit Roy:

Dr. Avijit Roy from Kolkata, West Bengal is a recovering addict since 22 years. His addiction problem started in his early teens and in spite of every effort he was not able to come out of it. In 2001 Rehabilitation Center was his last resort to overcome his decease. While he was undergoing treatment, he made an oath that if he can overcome his addiction problem then he will help others to come out of this problem too.
In 2011 he started his dream project Alyana Rehabilitation Center a place to treat drugs and alcohol addicted persons. When he started Alyana it was a small house with basic amenities as he hardly had any capital. Slowly and steadily, he started treating patients along with professional psychologists and a medical team. Initially the team was very small as he had a limited capital. Currently he is running a team of 37 people who are professional trained to treat the patients who are admitted in his rehabilitation center.
While his treatment he understood that addiction is a psychological disease and it cannot be cured completely but with a proper therapeutic treatment and counselling this problem can be arrested. It's an ongoing process and a person needs to practice this program on a daily basis. While running this de-addiction center he started pursuing different courses to learn about addiction. He became a Certified Professional Life Coach to mentor People who are suffering.
He is running this organization for the last 12 years and he has successfully treated more than 3000 patients since he started. He believes it's his achievement to see others maintaining a normal addiction free life after being treated from Alyana. Bringing an addict back to main stream of life was the biggest challenge for him. Therefore he started appointing recovering addicts as his staffs and team mates of Alyana. He won't claim that his success rate is 100 percent but seeing his patients maintaining a regular family life and professional life is his biggest achievement.

DR. Avijit Roy’s Passions & Hobbies :

Avijit Roy’s passion is learning about life through travelling and exploring new things. It excites him when he visit new places, learn about different cultures, and see other people live a life that is different from mine. He just loves to travel because it makes him realize that the world is so beautiful and there is so much to admire and treasure. Furthermore, He loves the feeling he get when he explore new ideas, histories, beliefs, and scenarios. It not only increases his knowledge, but also helps him overcome problems that he is dealing with. He get to experience life’s problems, pleasures, and he come out of his personal bubble to become a better person by exploring new cultures. Travelling is his passion because it’s something that he is not afraid to chase after. He get to learn more and more about himself and he is able to expand his horizons every time he travel.
For his good profile and excellence works on his respective field, he is appreciated and awarded from many organizations. He has been sincere, dedicated and hardworking & up to mark in his field. We wish him success in all his future endeavors.

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