April 15, 2021
REVANNA DONAGI - Magic Book of Record

Master REVANNA DONAGI is awarded as “YOUNGER WORLD ATTEMPT” by Magic Book of Record.

Revanna Donagi is a more than 30 world records achiever and 2 India records achiever who is basically from Vijayapur, Karnataka, India. He is a student of 5th standard of Shantiniketan School, Adarsh Nagar Bldea Road Vijayapur, Karnataka.
April 15, 2021
Prasunjit Paul Roy - Magic Book of Record

Mr Prasunjit Paul Roy is Awarded as “BEST DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER” by Magic Book of Record.

Prasunjit Paul Roy is owner of Assam School of Dance. He is a well-known Dancers and Choreographers in Assam state. He is grateful for the privilege of engaging in activism through dance and for the loving support of his family. His aim is one of the Successful Choreographers of India. He is a fitness freak and never skips his workout.
April 15, 2021
Vinod Belavalagidad- Magic Book of Record

Vinod Belavalagidad is awarded as “Best Dance Choreographer of the Karnataka” by Magic Book of Record

Vinod Belavalagidad is professionally a Dance Master & Choreographer from Karnataka. He is owner of the VB dance and Cultural Academy Belagavi and also President of the Belagavi District Dance Masters welfare Association.
April 14, 2021
HIMANI- Magic Book of Record

Miss Himani is awarded as “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD” by Magic Book of Record.

Miss HIMANI, who is a social worker and also a corona warriors and good volunteer during Covid19 pandemic. She also participates in various webinar series, social activist. She has become role model of Women Entrepreneurship for many students to make their dreams come true
April 14, 2021
Anshika Patil- Magic Book of Record

Miss Anshika Patil is awarded as “SUPER MODEL KID” by Magic Book of Record.

Anshika Rajesh Patil is a 12years old girl from Uran Navi Mumbai, Maharastra state. She loves model, acting as well as dancing. She is so cute with best performer. She has received so many awards for her Photogenic face, beautiful eyes and beautiful smile as well as a best model performer.
April 14, 2021
ANJANA GROUP- Magic Book of Record


ANJANA group is an integrated consulting, outsourcing, project management, and technology-driven organization. Serving over several clients across the targeted business area within a span of three years, we provide unparalleled business support to corporate, development/non-government, and offshore clients.
April 14, 2021
TIA MEHTA- Magic Book of Record

Miss Tia Mehta is awarded as “SUPER TALENTED KID” by Magic Book of Record.

Tia Mehta is a 7 years old girl from Mumbai, Maharashtra state. She is passionate for model as well as acting. She has good talent of acting, mode, dance as well as good performer. Her Father Mr Chinoy and mother Mrs Neha Mehta both are great supporter on her success path way
April 14, 2021
Krishna Nimesh Sheth- Magic Book of Record

Master Krishna Nimesh Sheth a Visually Challenged boy is recorded as “INTERNATIONAL TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIP” by Magic Book of Record.

Mst. Krishna Sheth was a premature baby, born in the 7th month born on 29th March 2004 weighing 1100 grams only. Krishna’s Disability is called R.O.P (Retina of Prematurity Grade V) means child cannot visualize anything for Life time. However, he will not be able to visualize throughout his Life. Government of India has certified Krishna as 100% BLIND.
April 14, 2021

Mr. ZAHIR HUSSAIN A is awarded as “THE BEST SOCIAL CONTRIBUTOR AWARD” by Magic Book of Record.

Mr. Zahir Hussain is a social worker, Corona Warrior and PLC Coordinator for Malaysia and Singapore. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, he was able to contribute to the rescuing of over 2000 Indians from Singapore and Malaysia with the help of Indian Embassies and the ICWF.