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January 28, 2021
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October 5, 2021


Honorary Doctorate Award is often awarded in recognition of one’s life experiences and to recognize their exceptional contributions to the society or lifetime achievement in their field.
This unique Magic Book of Record Honorary Doctorate Award awarded to a person satisfying the following criteria:
1. The person who has contributed significantly to the cultural, scientific, and/or social development of the State, nation or world.
2. Outstanding accomplishment in the honoree’s field, with national status wherever appropriate social cause.
3. Having any administrative honor or minimum 5 years of working experience in anything that is vital for the betterment of society or beneficiary for animal welfare or having any special research in any field.
4. As per your profile and achievements Magic Book of Record committee will decide.


Benefits for MBR Honorary Doctorate Awardee
1. A3 Size Matte Finish, a Unique Certificate
2. A unique Ashoka Trophy

3. A Badge of MBR Honorary Doctorate Award

4. A Signature Pen
5. A Gold-Plated Medal with Ribbon
6. Apron with Hat (Award Dress)

7. Lifetime Awardee Membership
8. We will send your award as TROPHY, CERTIFICATE and MEDAL by courier or Speed Post about 20-30 working days after registration work has completed by yourself.
9. We will list your Award details on our official website.
10. Whenever we will organize our annual celebration, we will invite you and give honor on the Stage of MAGIC BOOK of RECORD.
11. Your Name will be published in MAGIC BOOK OF RECORD Monthly Magazine (in PDF Format or Paper Book).
12. This award will make you feel proud that you have made a significant contribution to the society.
13. With this award, you will guide people as a source of inspiration for them.
14. Some of other articles to show off you’re proud.
15. And many more things which will be very beneficial for you, and it will enhance your social image.