Types of Records: –

  1. New Record Attempt:-

              Here is a chance to fulfill your dreams and to polish your name in the world. Choose an activity to create a new record in any field by using your skills and extraordinary will power. We hope that you have new idea to achieve a new goal. You can do it, so get ready to go ahead with us and feel the height of sky. 

  1. Record Break Attempt

             If you want to follow the footprints of who set the records in various fields. If you have determination and stamina to do, then come with us. Break a record which has already set a new milestone. Choose carefully an earlier set record to break according to your interest and capability. 

  • Mass Attempt

If you have a quality of leadership and can work with team want to do new something. Want to make a new record or break a record with your group or team (2 members and above), apply with us today. In short any attempt with the help of more than 2 persons, will be called Mass Attempt.

  • Single Attempt

Your desire and ambition are high; capable to do something new alone, then it is for you. Select carefully new record attempt/ record breaking attempt according to your choice, determination and commitment.


  1. World Records
  2. Bhartiya Records
  3. State Records
  4. District Records

Once your record is approved/ confirmed than you will be entitled as Magic Book of Record Achiever. We will honor you with:


  1. Certificate of Magic Book of Record Achiever.
  2. Medal of Magic Book of Record.
  3. Exclusive ID card of Magic Book of Record.
  4. Hosting achiever’s video or photograph in our portal etc of Magic Book of Record.
  5. Some of other Article to show off your proud Achievement.



Purchasable Items :

Anyone Can Purchase these Items.

  1. Pen of Magic Book of Record
  2. Badge of Magic Book of Record.
  3. T-Shirt of Magic Book of Record.
  4. Diary of Magic Book of Record .
  5. Some of other Items.