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A platform to let your dreams fly higher.

MBR Miss India 2020 Winners.

If you have talent and passion in store get recognised like never before Just set the stage on fire and let your dreams fly higher.

About Us

Our aim is to provide a platform and honor to all such talented persons from every village, street, locality, tehsil, district and city of India including the whole world. We are proud to pay an honor to the Indian children and elders who do such a wonderful act to show the nation something different. MBR will continue to offer this honor being selfless and pressure-free. Your cooperation and your love will always remain.

If you want to fulfill your dreams then join us.
In the whole universe, every individual creature has a treasure of some talent is hidden. But we either don’t recognize that talent or we don’t get a chance to present or perform. Your unique and unusual talent that set you apart from the rest of the world.
Magic Book of Record gives you a platform to present the talent hidden within you. We strive for the efficient performance of all your exploits, from every little surprise to great exploits. You can make your success at a good peak and you can get the status of standing among so many great people. This will be a great, extraordinary and exciting journey of your life.

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Once your record is approved/ confirmed than you will be entitled as Magic Book of Record Achiever.


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